Had an amazing night getting to see Electric Six, at Vive La Fete. everybody put on an awesome show. Vulgarrity, Satellite Falls, Also got one of the three “I buy the drugs” shirts they had left! captured in action Mister Dick Valentine himself.

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Human Zoo- Available Oct. 14!

The concept of the “human zoo” has existed in art and literature for centuries, thus Electric Six recognizes and accepts it is not breaking new conceptual ground by naming its tenth studio album Human Zoo. It recognizes and accepts that old ground is being broken. Like teeth.

The first known reference to a human zoo is believed to be from the mid-to-middle 12th century, when the famous Flemish monk Wenslaus De Trappe wrote of his base desires to cage human beings and charge money to display them in humiliating fashion in his classic 14 Trappist Monk Tales. From there, the human zoo concept snowballed and could be found everywhere from Restoration literature (Lord Percy Nutton’s Northumberland Abbey), to Nazi propaganda (Die Mensch Zooiedieschennel) to 20th Century American counterculture (Tal Rosenberg’s 20 Days on Acid – I Am a Pinhole Camera), the last of which where the author famously imprisons his lawyer/traveling companion in a cage and places him at the corner of Haight and Ashbury to stand trial for helping contribute to a bad trip. 

Electric Six recognizes the legacy of the human zoo concept and throws its hat into the conceptual milieu with a great deal of respect and humility. We do not seek to define the human zoo, nor do we seek to deconstruct it. We seek to explore it. We seek to expand it. And most of all, we seek to sell it to you.

Electric Six recognizes that when men and women are placed in cages and displayed like animals, a power dynamic is being constructed. The human in the cage has his basic rights discarded, his dignity stripped from him, whereas the human who pays to observe other humans establishes his superiority just by casually standing and watching, choosing to leave whenever he likes. In this same way, Electric Six seeks to put itself on display in such a manner that empowers the listener and debases the band all while making everyone feel like partying.

From the opening track “Karate Lips”, Human Zoo takes the listener immediately into a teenage karate tournament for girls as refereed by Def Leppard. The crunchy guitars hit you in the face like a teenage foot and you immediately remember why you purchased or illegally downloaded this latest Electric Six album.

Like many E6 albums, Human Zoo does not have one defining sound, rather it is a sampler’s plate of the entire history of rock and roll music. Like Motown…now we are doing Motown. “Alone With Your Body” is the feel good necrophilia anthem of the summer and it sees the band embracing this oft overlooked section of our hometown’s musical history. 

From there we ramble into the spaghetti-western marching band good times of “Gun Rights”, the triumphant Disnification of “I’ve Seen Rio in Flames”, and into the absurd hip hop of “(Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone”. Thrown in a few classic rockers in “I Need A Restaurant” and “Worst Movie Ever” and you’ve got an E6 album, son!

But it’s not an E6 album until the closer is better than the rest of the record combined. The gorgeous, haunting pop of “The Afterlife” might be the greatest thing the band has ever done. Ever.

Okay we said some stuff, told you some song titles, and threw you a few bones. Come on now, buy the record! Who cares about all that other stuff? Have a go, see what happens! Give it a shot! Human Zoo is available on Oct. 14 on Metropolis Records. Come see Electric Six play in your town this fall on the Some Girls Do It for Love tour. Visit electricsix.com for tour dates.

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Anonymous said: let me just say i love taits hair

More Money


Late video for Mimicry and Memories kickstarter

Anonymous said: My cousin is Dave Malosh! They call him Da Ve (Dah Vey) because his name's David! I actually got to see him tonight! I just wanted to share this. :D

Awesome! :) He seems like a super rad guy.

Anonymous said: I am that anon! After much deliberation I decided that I'd probably pick "Beat Him Up" by Helen Love. Otherwise it's be a Sparks song (maybe "Sextown USA") but it'd be too obvious cause they're pretty similar bands anyway. You both have good choices.

I’m in love with this choice! Good pick, anon!!



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The Notwist - Sunday June 15 - Fonda Theatre 8pm All Ages

If you’re in the area (I believe the LA area??) y’all can try and win some tickets to this Friday’s show!

Anonymous said: With sufficient funds, which composition would you ask Electric Six to cover for their 2015 covers and rarities album 'Mimicry and Memories', currently being funded by their fans (dubbed "Crazies") on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter? I had a very good idea for my own choice but there you go.

I am only one of the two-crazy mod team, but my personal pick would have been Burnin’ for You by Blue Oyster Cult. Maybe Mel will edit this and add her response?

What was your pick, dear anon? I’m always pretty interested to hear what ideas people have for this since it’s been a discussion I’ve had with friends since before you could buy covers from the guys!


This is Melmod. I’m up for anything E6 cover. Even some songs I’m not a fan of they have made sound fantastic so I’m excited to hear what other songs they’ll do for Mimicry.

I have thought about them doing another Pokemon theme song. That would be amazing to have on Mimicry since that cover from the first kickstarter hasn’t surfaced and no one seems to know who got it. I’ve selected “Rockets” by Tomas Ford. He’s an incredible guy and I’m really looking forward to the E6 cover of it!